Nearly a Quarter of Renewable Energy Supplied Globally in 2015

Renewable Energy Supplied Nearly a Quarter of Global Electrical Capacity in 2015

Renewable energy accounted for nearly 25 percent of global electrical capacity in 2015, according to a new study, Renewables 2016 Global Status Report, by REN21. The power sector experienced its largest annual increase in capacity ever, with significant growth in all regions. Wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) had record additions for the second consecutive year, accounting for about 77 percent of new installations, and hydropower represented most of the remainder.

Emerging Markets are Driving Growth in Advanced Renewable Energy

Emerging Markets are Driving Growth in Advanced Renewable Energy

It may be time to re-think J. Paul Getty’s famous formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil. For energy investors today, a more successful formula might revolve around renewable energy projects — particularly in emerging markets. Taken in aggregate, IRRs for renewable energy projects in the developing world are 28 percent higher than those in EU and North America.


U.S. States Growing Renewable Energy Use

Solar and wind power are coming online at rates unforeseen only a few years ago. That’s a good thing if your goal is to decarbonize the energy sector. In places with abundant wind and solar resources, like Texas and California, the price of electricity is dipping more and more frequently into negative territory.